One 2 One Fitness offers personal training in both one-on-one, small group settings and virtually through Skype and FaceTime. With a focus on building strength, endurance, balance, and confidence, you will train in a setting that was built to maximize your effort. At One 2 One Fitness, you will use time-tested equipment and techniques as part of an innovative program customized to achieve your individual goals. We incorporate classic exercises, bodyweight training, kettlebell training, suspension training and other highly effective tools to create our goal-oriented programs. This is not a trend, it is a synthesis of truly effective exercises in a highly supportive environment. At One 2 One Fitness you get one on one individualized attention.


There is a distinct advantage to small-group training for most people. As safety and long-term success are paramount, a certain amount of one-on-one instruction should still be employed until technical proficiency is achieved. One 2 One Fitness training programs are designed to begin as one-on-one sessions and upon professional recommendation, clients will be permitted to move to the group model. This method optimizes training results and has the added benefits of decreased cost and increased enjoyment.


One 2 One Fitness Price List

1 hour personal training

  • $120/session

45 minute personal training

  • $85/session

30 minute personal training

  • $60/session

FaceTime Fitness

  • 1 hour $120
  • 30 minute $60


*SAVE $5/session for packages of 10 or more sessions