"Jeanine is the queen of trainers , the way she individualize for you even in a group of 100 and how she takes care of you every time , makes her the best !! It's up to you to follow her directions and get results..."

-Mabel Datena


"Jeanine is knowledgable about what it takes to reach your personalized goal and keeps your workouts challenging so you don't get bored! It only took a couple sessions to start feeling stronger and more toned! I love it!"

-Angela Carani


"I highly recommend Jeanie as a personal trainer. First and foremost, her credentials speak for themselves. Her approach to fitness is comprehensive. Weight training, cardio, nutrition advice, vitamins, detoxing, etc. I am impressed with her ability to customize my sessions towards my personal goals and the knowledge I gain on nutrition every week. She is a true professional in her field."

-Maggie Sarubbi


"I recommend Jeanine, she pushes you without being loud.  Inspires you to work hard and makes your muscles bark loud.  That is why I recommend her."

-Ana Sayre


 "Getting dressed this morning, I put on a pair of work pants and they were loose; I’m wearing a shirt I couldn’t even button a month ago (and it’s a little loose, too)! I’ve only lost about 4 pounds, according to the scale, but my clothes fit so much better and I can feel the difference. It’s been less than a month since I first came to you, and already I can see so much progress."

-Africa Fine


"I am so sore, a good sore. I feel amazing. I'm sure it sounds crazy, but I think I actually see results from yesterday! I'm so happy you're doing this. I've always been intimidated by gyms. You make everyone feel so comfortable as you kick butts. Thanks so much! I'm thrilled."

-Danielle Mercier LaForest


"Posted a picture on my Facebook fanpage yesterday and had four people tell me that they'd kill for my figure and/or my arms-- I haven't received a compliment like that in over 15 years. Thank you for kicking my butt on a regular basis! xo"

-Jodi Furman


"I love your dedication and how much you have helped to achieve my goals. I wanted to lose weight for a cruise I was taking and you really helped me get into shape. I felt so much healthier without all that extra weight I was carrying around and thanks to you really enjoyed my vacation."

-Janet Carlson


"To my wonderful personal trainer,

As you well know I was definitely a difficult case. Because of Parkinson's Disease, my balance was very bad and so was my strength. I had a problem with my feet freezing and being unable to move. I could not walk backwards without falling and I was unable to go on the floor because my knees were just replaced and were still sore. You were able to think of a program, a fantastic workout that makes me feel so good especially after having rested for a while. Kidding aside, I am very grateful to you for having proven that even at my age, I am seventy two, I was able to noticeably improve my balance, as well as my strength. My feet rarely freeze and I can walk backwards without falling every time.

I am absolutely amazed at the results which are due in great part to your motivation to go further and higher. My husband cannot stop expressing his surprise and admiration for my going early morning, four times a week to exercise.

Thank you - your participation in my life is very much appreciated."

-Irma Fragman

"During the time Jeanine and I worked together she not only became a good friend but a wonderful fitness inspiration! She motivated and supported me during a new transition in my life into the Duathlon racing “world”. She was so positive and had belief in me that I can and would do well in this area of fitness and lifestyle. Her belief and motivation in me inspired me to finally take the leap out of my “comfort zone” and start doing what I needed to do to train for these races. She was right…it changed my life! I absolutely love outdoor cycling now and have become a more confident runner too. Jeanine believed before I even did! I am happier and fitter than I’ve ever been!

Thanks Jeanine!"

-Allyson Orell


"I just want to thank you for everything…because of u I am a stronger and more confident person now…I couldn’t have achieved this so far without your help, support, and guidance! You are the best trainer and friend a woman can have You Rock!”

-Adrienne Williams


"I cannot say enough good things about Jeanine Seeger and One 2 One Fitness. I started working with Jeanine 8 weeks after my second child was born. I gained 60 pounds with the pregnancy and was grossly out of shape from being sedentary for many months---necessary due to a difficult pregnancy. With healthy eating and a commitment to my physical well-being, I battled the baby bulge and what I thought were my physical limitations. In less than a year Jeanine guided me back to pre-baby weight and taught me that my body was capable of much more than I thought it was. My son is now 18 months old and I am physically stronger and healthier than the pre-baby me. I am in the best shape ever! I still work out with Jeanine and continue to improve myself every day. My body matches my sprit again and for that I am forever grateful to Jeanine Seeger and One 2 One Fitness."

-Traci Klass